By our work in the sQuare project, we have actively contributed to the rise of a local community of visual storytellers. Members of the sQuare community now collectively work, learn, and develop new perspectives on their craft, city and society. With its reciprocal, community based and granular approach to learning and working, sQuare offers an solidair alternative to flexible work agencies and the institutional higher education system.
OUR WORK: In close collaboration with our client, we took care of the design and facilitation of a six-month participatory innovation process. We invited and guided a diverse group of 25 people to a collective innovation journey. This group consisted of young creatives, education professionals, designers, researchers and community experts. Throughout the project, we moved from exploring and reframing to prototyping and testing different types of activities and organisational models. Practiced methodologies and tools: design thinking, deep democracy and participatory leadership. RESULTS:

Video stills from process documentation by Vincent van der Brink.

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